abuses, abusing, abused
(The noun is pronounced [[t]əbju͟ːs[/t]]. The verb is pronounced [[t]əbju͟ːz[/t]].)
1) N-UNCOUNT: also N in pl, usu with supp Abuse of someone is cruel and violent treatment of them.

...investigation of alleged child abuse.

...victims of sexual and physical abuse.

...controversy over human rights abuses.

2) N-UNCOUNT Abuse is extremely rude and insulting things that people say when they are angry.

I was left shouting abuse as the car sped off...

Raft repeatedly hurled verbal abuse at his co-star.

3) N-VAR: with supp Abuse of something is the use of it in a wrong way or for a bad purpose.

What went on here was an abuse of power.

...drug and alcohol abuse.

4) VERB If someone is abused, they are treated cruelly and violently.

[be V-ed] Janet had been abused by her father since she was eleven.

[V n] ...parents who feel they cannot cope or might abuse their children.

[V-ed] ...those who work with abused children.

Derived words:
abuser plural N-COUNT

...a convicted child abuser.

5) VERB You can say that someone is abused if extremely rude and insulting things are said to them.

[be V-ed] He alleged that he was verbally abused by other soldiers. [Also V n]

6) VERB If you abuse something, you use it in a wrong way or for a bad purpose.

[V n] He showed how the rich and powerful can abuse their position.

Derived words:
abuser N-COUNT

...the treatment of alcohol and drug abusers.

English dictionary. 2008.


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